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Stay warm this winter

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It’s June and officially winter. Some may say it’s the best season while for others that’s not the case. But whatever your preference, we’ve got heaters and fireplaces for you.

From heating solutions for your home to advice on maintenance jobs to help survive the cold wild weather, we’ve got everything you might need and more. If you have wood burner, have the flu cleaned for optimal performance.

This month, you should consider cleaning out your spouting and get rid of the leaves that can block them. Make sure your spouting and downpipes are connected correctly and are clean to ensure you collect the water from the rain we have come to expect.

Check and/or service your water pumps. Also check your water tanks to ensure they are sound and not leaking.

Water-Mart Wairarapa Ltd can assist with advice should you require it.

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The Beauty of a New Roof

Category : Rods News

Is your roof tired, faded, dented and rusty? Does the cosmetic look of your existing roof leave you completely underwhelmed?. As we know roofs that look like this amount to exactly zero street appeal! If you are looking to lift the aesthetic look of your home or commercial property whether trying to sell or not, nothing can be a quicker, brighter face lift for your premises than replacing the roof with a metal roofing solution by Water-Mart Roofing Ltd.
Not only are you investing in a profound refurbishment of your property using a quality and long lasting metal material but also investing in its protection as a new roof eliminates:
• Structural weakness
• Leaks
• Mould
• Damaged ceilings
We’ve all seen a rundown house in a street or an old commercial property in a precinct where one day it has a crumbling roof and a tired, weathered look and then the next day or two, a spectacular looking new roof made of steel has been installed. Sleek new lines and a refreshed street appeal are now apparent and if selling, only adds to the maximum amount sought in a sale. It now has wow factor!
Water-Mart Roofing Ltd are the experts in bringing to life the largest part of a residential property or commercial building, the roof. Simply contact us to find out how your property can be brought to life with a metal roof replacement by Water-Mart Roofing Ltd.
We only work with quality roofing materials to ensure you receive best value for money and with licensed tradesmen so you ultimately have a long lasting, aesthetically appealing and structurally sound roof. Contact us today to bring your property to life and protect it for years to come with a metal roof by Water-Mart Roofing Ltd. Ask us for a free quote.

Please check out our Roofing section on this website for additional roofing material options.

Rod Miller
Managing Director